Lynched in TN by Con Men



What are two dirty old con men doing on NP?

smurge / Rich Saperstein and

BizBot /  Douglass Brooks

are behind a major click fraud and other scams. 

Rich pretends to be a generous all-knowing fellow, and BizBot got a Moderator assignment,
so he can silence any possible critique of their con.
Five of their companies have
negative rating from BBB:, BBB rating: D-
Wealth Investors, LLC, BBB rating: D-

PARKMYNAMES.COM, BBB rating: D-, BBB rating: D-, BBB rating: D-

BizBot / Brooks Douglass is 59 y.o., lives in Jackson , TN
Occupation: Disgraced CPA. Was fired from several CPA companies in TN.  No longer allowed to practice the trade.

 BizBot is a sex offender.  Phones: +1.7312256523,   7313941531  1016 W Poplar Ave STE 106, Collierville, TN 38017-2687   Principal: Mr. John Bonk (CEO) (another scambag).


Data from BBB on Wealth Investors:  Customer Contact: Mr. Richard Saperstein (Director of Sales) Mr. Mike Sadler (COO), (fake name taken by BizBot).

Countless defrauded clients. Tens of thousands of clients dollars disappeared. Company officers nowhere to be found. 


Smurge is claiming to be friends and partners with Domain King / Rick Schwartz. For a long time he had a link on his NP page to Rick’s site, indicating that Rick is an investor in his schemes. Rick vigorously denies ever having any deals with smurge.  



They own and operate several con sites, specializing on click fraud and selling worthless domains to investors, in anticipation that those domains will earn thousands of dollars every year.

They also offer 'consultations' at $397 a pop, on how to milk domains:


  “Our basic program which is a one time charge of $397 to a client gives them information about expiring domain names on including video courses, ebooks and access to two live webinars.”


Read a blistering critique of their fraud:


 BBB Report on several of their companies:


It's time NP gets rid of two sex offenders / con men, who prey on our membership